Cosmic Sky Media

About Cosmic Sky Media

Cosmic Sky Media is an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) label and promotion network for those who dare to push the boundaries of the EDM genre. Always on the lookout for emerging artists with a unique sound, Cosmic Sky Media prides itself in providing a listening experience that is as diverse as its artists.

Besides being a space-themed label, Cosmic Sky Media works on the principle of helping musicians who are still new to the EDM scene and also helping to give exposure to those artists who are otherwise drowned out by the big names in EDM. We believe that you don't need to have a Big Room House banger in order to get noticed in EDM and we are always working towards getting more people listening to the music we release and promote.

The idea of Cosmic Sky Media was first conceived in January 2013 and our first promotion upload was on April 15, 2013. Since then, CSM has been steadily growing in subscribers on YouTube. We'd like to thank all those who have supported us so far as we venture further out on our journey to the stars.